Building a discord bot game part 1

I decided to learn how to build a discord game even if I am just a Data scientist, I love to try new things.

You can try to build yours too and even add more components as you build.

I took many inspirations to build this game bot from Google and YouTube.

To build this discord game we need to first create a bot account on discord.

Visit Discord Developer Portal Create an account,

Next, Create an application

Create a bot from the application

Add the bot to your discord server

To add the bot to your discord server do the following;

1. Click on the Authentication settings of your applications.

2. Click on bot and choose the bot permissions

3. Copy the link and paste into your browser

Select your discord server and authorize.

in the next part we will learn to actually build the game bot with Replit and Uptime Robot.

😁 see ya !



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